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Edward Sayers is Canadian singer-songwriter born and raised in rural Ontario. Taking elements from rock, folk, country and blues, Sayers’s music blends intricate finger picking with layered storytelling lyrics held together with a unique smooth rasp. Now holding several tours under his belt, Edward has made friends and fans across Canada with regular tours through the east coast and regular performances across Ontario. Edward has performed in Montreal, Moncton, Halifax, Ottawa, Charlottetown and countless cities and towns in between. Based out of Toronto for several years, he has performed at iconic venues like Lee’s Palace and The Horseshoe Tavern. Sayers has held residencies at bars like The Corner House and could be found on stage nightly all over the city playing for hours honing his craft.  


Edward’s upcoming releases are a return to his live solo performances featuring voice and guitar with the occasional accompanying instrumentation. Songs like “Cloaked” feature Sayers’s signature fingerpicking styles paired with his soulful rasp and layered lyrics. In “Snaggle Tooth” Edward’s lead guitar work howls overtop of lyrics that speak of the ever-growing urban sprawl and effects of modern media on society. While the fast paced “Suddenly” talks about the sacrifices people make to pursue art and trying to find balance between love and work, accompanied by ghostly lap steel guitar sounds. With plenty of new songs on the go, 2020 will be a busy year filled with new releases by the traveling troubadour. Edward’s lyrics continue to be the focus of his music, finding new ways to share his unique perspective on society and tell the extraordinary stories of everyday folks. While pushing himself musically and lyrically Sayers’s always brings a sense of joy to the stage and headphones when writing, recording and performing new material. 


Sayers’s first full-length independent album ‘Underdog Overlord’ was released on November 24, 2017. The self-produced album – recorded at Waking Life Studio in Caledon, Ontario and co-produced by Dayne Polney – is dynamic in genre and style with every song taking you to a different side of Sayers’s musical style. Featuring songs including “Eventide,” “Holding Out” and “Rose,” ‘Underdog Overlord’ is filled with layered lyrics, bold guitar and Edward’s passionate voice.


In January 2014, Edward released his debut independent EP ‘Pax Romana’. It was produced by Mike McKyes and recorded at The Grove Productions in Sarnia. The thoughtful lyrics on Pax Romana tell stories of life, death, love and hate – such as with “Kathleen,” which sings of a prostitute’s misfortune. Edward’s lyrics leave room for everyone to put themselves in the shoes of the characters. Musically, the EP is Edward’s most folky work, featuring a blistering banjo on “Tundra, Tundra” and gleaming organ on the title track “Pax Romana”.